Described as the perfect balance between activity and meditation, Sarita's classes leave members energized and relaxed. This class focuses on an evolution of mind, body, and spirit and encourages their harmony.

Eating well provides the fuel for all of your hard physical activity. Proper nutrition also reduces cravings and gives you tremendous energy to charge through the day. Food To Recover is all about eating right and learning to cook meals that are both tasty and satisfying. We even started a garden for the freshest and best of foods.

fit to recover team sports

led by Brian Knight

On the court or on the field, you'll find Fit To Recover teams focused on fun, camaraderie, and team spirit. Currently, we field teams in volleyball and softball, but the World Cup has us thinking that soccer might be next.

Open to players of all levels, our co-ed teams enjoy the challenges, and often enjoy a meal together after the game. Come join us!

Food To Recover
Led by Tessa Acker

Music and Creative Expression
Led by Ian Acker and Sarah Kappos

Community Service
Led by Rachel Santizo

Tailored for every fitness level, this  60-minute class focuses on the general strengthening and conditioning of the body using a variety of modalities and methods including calisthenics (body weight exercises), kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls and dumbbells.  By emphasizing proper technique and functional application, participants  learn how to move better, how to prevent injury and how to increase general overall fitness.  The workouts in the class range from short,  intense plyometric based workouts to longer duration, more steady state efforts .  The class also includes a separate  “prework” segment designed to improve a skill or exercise through practice and repetition with excellent form and technique.

Fit To Recover bootcamp (Workouts and Runs)

led by Ian Acker @ 10am Saturdays

We meet at 10am in the FTR Bootcamp, do body weight exercises to work on cardio, flexibility, strength, and of course maintaining our recovery. In the warmer weather, we might go for an outdoor run.  It doesn't matter whether you are super fit or just getting started on your physical fitness. We're all there for each other and it is a great way to start the weekend. Come one, and come all!

Strength and Circuit Training
Bruna Brito

Bruna's class is for all levels, and she always provides a mixture of strength, skill, and drills learning, followed by a heart-pumping work out to break a sweat. Bruna has been James Sjostrom's loyal student for about 3 years and she follows his teaching style. Bruna's training is very focused on good form for best results, rather than numbers and/or speed. She believes that simple things can bring you the strength you need; no reason for complicated and intimidating movements in her classes, and she always focuses on safety first.

Rachel places FTR Volunteers in a wide variety of community service projects-- from feeding the homeless to helping out during the Salt Lake Marathon. Your volunteer efforts are eligible for community service credits.

Strength and Conditioning
Led by Monika  mckamey

This class is for all levels.  We take basic movements (Squat, Swing, Press, Pull)  and get better at them! In theory and practice there is only PRACTICE.  So we get better by practicing the primal patterns, and by increasing our knowledge. I like the adage of "an inch wide, and a mile deep". A pullup is just a pullup until you have done thousands of them and understand the idiosyncrasies. These classes would be a tune to learning the Piano or a Martial art.  Coaching helps, but more practice is what we need.  These classes are formatted to have a warm-up period of instruction, PRACTICE, then cool down and stretch. No matter what state your body is in, it gets healthy and strong by following the same principles.  Come and learn with us.

Ian runs the FTR on-site audio recording studio and Sarah holds a weekly class in creative writing. Together, they help FTR community members tell their remarkable stories in music and words.

Yoga and restorative yoga
Led by Sarita Venkatapathy Naidu

led BY James Sjostrom

Fit To Recover Women’s Group

Led by Lacey Garcia

This group provides a safe place for women to discuss issues and receive feedback and advice from other women. It is a place where we share experience, strength and hope with one another; a place where we support and feel supported.As a woman in long term recovery, I find it crucial to form bonds and friendships with other women in recovery.

We meet on Thursdays from 6-7pm at FTR (789W 2100S).  The last meeting of the month will be dedicated to a speaker who will share her experience of strength and hope. I hope to see all of you ladies there so that we can share together the experiences and opportunities of recovery.