We have received donations from more than 350 individuals. Your support is invaluable.

We've also received support from generous foundation and corporate sponsors:

From all of us to each of you-- Thank you for believing in us!


LUGU 2017 has begun and your generous donations will help us build a sanctuary bench, support FTR member scholarships, expand our exercise equipment, help us grow our nourishing garden and our creativity, and further expand our volunteer services and support our recovery. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. For the full story on LUGU, click here, or just fill out the form below. Thank you!

FTR began in Sugarhouse Park, Salt Lake City in the Summer of 2013. In the beginning, four of us met for runs, exercise and community. We continue to meet outdoors, and we continue to grow indoors at our brand new Gym. We are now more than 300 strong.

With the help of those who have donated, we have Put a Roof over the FTR Community with a Gym and Community Center located at 789 West 1390 South. Our 5,500 square foot facility is equipped with exercise equipment, a small sound studio and artist gallery, and meeting space to serve our addiction recovery community. We celebrate our two year anniversary on February 10, 2017 , when we'll be celebrating our Four Pillars of Recovery. Please come visit and join us at the 2nd Anniversary Party!