Meet  Ian C. Acker 

(Founder)  e-Mail


I grew up in the Great Midwest- Ohio.  I have lived in New Zealand, Ohio, Hawaii, and found my home in Utah.  I moved to Utah to change old behaviors.  I came out here for treatment from drugs and alcohol and never left.  It was here in Utah where I found a community that supports me.  I’ve been in recovery for two years.  

I graduated from Wittenberg University in Ohio with a degree in Business.  During college I played soccer and became captain my senior year.  Fitness and community have always been important to me.  I am now a licensed personal trainer and am working toward credentials as a peer mentoring coach.

I have two sisters that I hold close to my heart and a mother and father that have been through a lot but never gave up on me. My father is an emeritus professor from a major university and will research and document FTR's successes and challenges. My mother has earned many hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant support for the homeless, and will apply these experiences and skills to Fit to Recover's start up financial needs.  As a family touched by addiction and recovery, and with other partners working toward a successful recovery agenda, FTR will have a local and national impact on sustaining individual recoveries and informing policy on state and national levels.

 I find joy in helping others and being of service.  I connect with people through exercise, the love of music, and the strength of community.  I try and live each day by helping the underdog and giving strength to those in need.  This in turn helps me and creates a ripple effect in my community.

About our  community

about fit2recover  in salt lake City

Established in 2013, Fit2Recover is built on the promise to make a difference in the recovery and physical fitness
communities by bringing them together into one group with shared goals.
  At Fit2Recover, we support one another in physical activity, community gatherings, nutritional insights, and creative endeavors such as music. 

Meet Lacey Garcia

(Women's Group Leader)

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I absolutely love it here. I like to do anything outdoors. I love to hike, camp, run and take advantage of our beautiful mountains. I struggled with addiction, primarily heroin, for most of my adult life. I did not know how to get sober or stay sober..

On March 17th 2012, I was blessed with the opportunity to go to treatment. It was there that I was introduced to the incredible recovery community that we have here in Salt Lake City. My life changed drastically.  I have been able to repair relationships with my family, and create friendships with depth and meaning.  

For the last year and a half, I have worked at the treatment center that I attended. I am now the Lead Medical Coordinator. It has pushed me to want to go back to school to become a nurse.  

Since getting sober I have found a passion for exercise and see the importance of it in my own recovery. Recovery and exercise directly correlate in the sense that I have to push myself to run, lift weights and train, just like I have to get up every morning and do things I necessarily don’t want to do to stay sober.  I have learned that without commitment and hard work, things don’t change.  I continue to push myself daily in every aspect.  

My quality of life today is beyond what I thought it could ever be. I see the beauty in all things today and I have an appreciation for life and the struggle that I have been through. I want to help others find the same thing I have found.

We are a diverse group, and each individual is unique and following a personal path  to recovery. We celebrate our good days together and are always there to help each other through the bad days. Our physical fitness is measured by progress toward individually set goals.  We "compete" against ourselves, and not against each other. The Fit2 Recover Volleyball and Softball teams are terrors on the court and on the field. We are mutually-supportive and win every game, regardless of the final  score.  We meet often at a local restaurant  to celebrate our victories and stare down our challenges.

Sport and exercise are balanced by creative and artistic endeavors.  Many of us live on beats and raps, and there are lots of visual and word artists amongst us to round out our community. Some of our work will be shared on this website in the upcoming months.

Contact us:; (801) 410-8988  &  CHeck out our sponsors