Welcome to Two New Trainers!

Let’s welcome two new members to the FTR Team! Corinna, who will be leading Endurance Training and Bailey, who will be leading Yoga!

FTR will be offering a new Endurance/conditioning class for those interested in enhancing their aerobic fitness! This class will still incorporate some weights as well as the use of rowers, assault bikes, ski ergs, and your own two legs! We will make sure everyone gets a proper warm-up and cool-down, but be prepared to get sweaty and move for a good chunk of time.

Whether you’re looking to prepare for an upcoming Spartan Race, cross-train for other endurance events, or simply get more aerobically fit, this class has you covered. Just like all of our classes this class is open to everyone and all fitness levels! Beginning this Thursday July 2nd at 6:30 am led by Corinna.

We are bringing yoga back to the schedule! We are excited to announce that Bailey Hicks will be leading up our yoga program! Bailey has been an amazing, committed long term member of FTR who always brings incredible energy and is loved by everyone! Bailey has a lot of passion for his practice and we are lucky to have him on the team! So let’s show Bailey some love!