FTR Certification Program

Since opening our doors, we have learned a lot, and believe we have a responsibility to share this with other organizations who also serve those in recovery from substance use disorder. That’s why we now offer the FTR Certification Program. The goal of the FTR Certification Program is to provide our complete FTR model and the benefits of offering our evidence-based curriculum (i.e. Four Pillars) to those in recovery. FTR Certificate Participants will be trained on how to properly and productively apply the FTR model. We understand that like us, other organizations may pick one pillar and then later in their development decide which other pillars fit their needs and their communities. With that in mind, other organizations can select a single pillar to more fully evaluate, and then based on their experience, decide whether to broaden their service offerings through additional training and certification.

Why attend?

  • Trauma is often the gateway to addiction. Our Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor and
    Lead Fitness Trainer will teach you how trauma impacts those in recovery and how to
    successfully strength train without triggering traumatic events.
  • Connection is the opposite of isolation, which is what most addicts do while in active addiction.
    We will teach you how safety and connection go hand-in-hand when creating a community for
    people in recovery.
  • Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident. Individuals with
    substance use disorder have been through a lot- shame, trauma, inadequacy, fear, rejection.
    Thus, it is important that people feel safe enough to be themselves and take risks, be willing to
    change, be willing to share, be willing to be vulnerable and be willing to be part of a community.
    We will teach you how to empower those in recovery through strength and community.
  • Accountability means being true about being yourself, being authentic, and staying true to your
    word. It empowers you to be better as an individual. Sometimes those new to recovery only
    have their word and they must be encouraged to stand by it. We will teach you how to hold
    individuals in recovery accountable of their actions and words.
  • Nutrition is more than counting calories. It’s about establishing a healthy relationship with food
    in a population that has suffered malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies due to the misuse
    of drugs and alcohol. Research supports adopting a balanced and healthy diet, replenishing
    nutrient deficiencies, and promoting a healthy relationship with food, all of which have shown
    to be vital components in long-term recovery. Our Registered Dietician will teach you the
    importance of the Food To Recover program, how to help people recognize the importance of
    proper nutrition during recovery and in their daily lives and to feel empowered with the skills
    and knowledge to make the best nutritional choices for themselves.
  • Creativity is a powerful outlet for many in recovery. Our Creative Arts Pillar spans a wide
    spectrum of expressive voices, instrument choices, and storytelling/song writing skills. They
    “speak” for themselves, for FTR, and represent the remarkable creativity that exists in
    individuals challenged by substance use disorders. Our Music Therapist will teach you how to
    provide a safe place that allows creativity to flow free of judgement.
  • Service is a valuable way for people in recovery to give back to the greater community. Giving
    back gives individuals a sense of place and ownership. Our Community Service Pillar Lead will
    teach you how to implement safe community service projects for those in recovery.
  • Building Community, Building Culture. You have the opportunity to expand an award-winning,
    evidence-based platform that will help more individuals in recovery find a safe place to connect.
    Join us as we expand FTR’s Curriculum. Together, we can help change the lives of those in
The Certification Program requires attending a 2-day workshop and completing a written and demonstration exam. The 2-day workshop is $2,000 per person.
If interested in attending the next Certification workshop on May 7-8, please register below. 

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