Introducing Food To Recover

Good Nutrition is important to maintaining recovery. Good nutrition provides energy, reduces cravings, and can  make you FEEL better, as well.

I am passionate about fueling your body with wholesome foods and exploring the endless tasty food options that help you feel and look great. Eating is our opportunity to become more in touch with our bodies and fuel it in an efficient, sustainable, and loving way. Quality foods and good nutrition habits not only improve our workouts, but also our overall focus, energy, and daily lives. Every time we eat a meal or snack we have a choice, and I want to support you in making the best choice for you.

I know that the crazy pace of daily life can leave little room for meal planning and snacking, so Food To Recover will help you save time and eat well at the same time. We will provide the Fit To Recover community meal ideas, the latest in evidence-based nutrition research, and discussion opportunities to help you better understand healthy eating, celebrate food, and highlight the importance of nourishing your body.

Proper nutrition, along with physical activity, is an important component in the recovery process from drugs and alcohol. From our Food To Recover garden, to taste tests and recipe ideas, individual questions and group education, I am here to help YOU!

Thank you for allowing our Food To Recover team add to the amazing FTR community effort to help people in recovery, and their supporters, to live healthy and happy lifestyles.

Join me, and the Food To Recover team, as we Nourish Recovery together.

Happy eating,

Green shoots for Spring. Welcome the Fit To Recover Community Garden and watch it grow on these pages.
Check out these great Food To Recover recipes!

Welcome to Food To Recover, the nutrition arm of Fit To Recover (FTR). Food To Recover promotes proper nourishment, self-love, and healthy eating for the Salt Lake City-based FTR Gym and Community Center. The Food To Recover blog shares recipes, news, and nutritional tips. Check it out here.

My name is Tessa Acker and I am a Registered Dietitian, backed by a Masters degree in Public Health. I am also the proud sister of my brother Ian, who has made the FTR sober gym dream a reality, by helping those in recovery benefit from exercise and a supportive community (more below).